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Portable Encryption for Removable Storage


mShare allows an organisation to encrypt data on external storage devices without compromising flexibility – for secure access to data from any location, that maintains protection by making data inaccessible in the wrong hands should it be lost or stolen.

Suitable for:

Commercial Organisations


Wider Public Sector


With file and folder encryption, mShare offers an application that, after authentication, allows access to files from any Windows PC, so users can work on non-corporate machines, with the same level of security.


All data transfers are monitored and logged by an administrator for later inspection; organisations gain a full view of the data leaving their premises, where it’s going, and any alterations made.


Working alongside Becrypt Enterprise Manager, mShare is an easy to use, cost-effective solution to USB encryption, with a simple, enterprise-ready management suite for complete control of organisation end points.

Key specifications:

• FIPS 140-2 accredited

• VDI compatible allowing access through VMwareTM and CitrixTM

• Integrates with Becrypt Data Protection Suite

• Offline password recovery

Download the mShare Datasheet

Download mShare Datasheet

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