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Secure, Ruggedised Smartphone


The secure, ruggedised smartphone from Becrypt and Bittium™

  • Superior user experience and carrier-grade feature requirements
  • Managed secure Android™ platform including enterprise security features

Suitable for:



Police (public safety)

Security focused markets


A secure platform and hardened Android™ OS are embedded with Becrypt security features, balancing ease of use with assured security.

​Managed Device & Enforcement

Becrypt MDM provides advanced device configuration options, complete with audit capabilities and app and radio control, for a complete overview of corporate owned devices.

Device management provides unique enforcement – by policy, and of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MTP, tethering, and NFC.

Control over ​Third Party Apps & System Apps

A closed ecosystem with administrative control over all app installation and un-installation.

Management technology provides complete control of all system applications, launchers and widgets.

​Radio Control

Radio function can be configured to automatically disable all smartphone radio communication when connected to external communication devices, such as high assurance crypto.

Key specifications

• Secure boot with HW-enabled integrity

• Application permission firewall

• Secure data storage for user credentials and encryption keys

• FIPS 140-2 compliant HW cryptography

• Device and radio stack control

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