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Government Approved Commercial Product Assurance

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Disk Protect Commercial Product Assurance

Disk Protect is the only product to complete the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certification as a software full-disk encryption solution for desktops, laptops, tablets and servers. Suitable for protecting data from theft and loss for security conscious organisations within sectors such as the Critical National Infrastructure.

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The CPA standard builds on FIPS certification, and provides comprehensive assurance against a set of standards that cover product and supplier quality. CPA combines the benefits of a commercial product that includes enterprise-class centralised management, with government-grade assurance.

Suitable for:

Security Conscious Organisations


Critical National Infrastructure

Disk Protect CPA is:

Certified by NCSC

Government’s Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) scheme evaluates commercial off-the-shelf security to be certified against published security and developmental standards. This means Disk Protect CPA is suitable for governments, agencies, supply chains and beyond.


Disk Protect CPA works by transparently encrypting every section of the hard drive, and is EU and NATO certified up to RESTRICTED. Whether working on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, your data will be fully encrypted.


The product can be installed at any time, and will encrypt data while the user works. Once installed, all read and write requests are decrypted and encrypted invisibly, without user interaction, allowing continued use of the system.

• CPA certified, • Tablet Touchscreen support, • Removable media encryption, • Multi-user support pre-boot, • Secure hibernation, • Single sign-on, • Central key escrow.

"With increasing security and compliance requirements on our business from industry and government legislation, the need to secure our mobile assets became a primary concern. Choosing Becrypt gave us the confidence of a product whose security claims were independently verified by the UK National Cyber Security Centre. Securing mobile assets using enterprise grade encryption and the option of multiple factor authentication was key to our decision making."

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