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Public Safety

Other Professional Markets

Key specifications

  • Secure boot with HW-enabled integrity
  • Application permission firewall
  • Secure data storage for user credentials and encryption keys
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant HW cryptography
  • Device and radio stack control


A secure platform and hardened Android™ OS are embedded with Becrypt security features, balancing ease of use with assured security.


Becrypt MDM provides advanced device configuration options, complete with audit capabilities and app and radio control, for a complete overview of corporate owned devices.

Third Party Apps

A closed ecosystem with administrative control over all app installation and un-installation.

System Apps

Management technology provides complete control of all system applications, launchers and widgets.

Radio Control

Radio function can be configured to automatically disable all smartphone radio communication when connected to external communication devices, such as high assurance crypto.


Device management provides unique enforcement – by policy, and of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MTP, tethering, and NFC.

Enterprise-grade functionality, defence-level security.

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