Trusted Thin Clients for security conscious organisations

Thin Clients may be thin, but they still run software that may be compromised, allowing adversaries to eavesdrop subsequent user sessions, capture credentials, or gain a foothold for lateral movement. Thin Client environments lack the security controls of typical desktop environments, meaning that the impact of a compromise can be both significant and long-lasting.

Paradox Data SheetThe majority of Thin Client software management platforms may advertise a security capability, but are little more than configuration management tools. Becrypt have been working with organisations that can no longer ignore the risks associated with Thin Client environments, given the increased threat posed by sophisticated cyber actors. With a Security Architecture developed in collaboration with UK Government, Paradox

Ensures Thin Client devices are in a known healthy state when started

Prevents privilege escalation and exploit persistence

Simplifies security auditing

Becrypt has extensive experience in delivering Thin Client platforms within enterprise environments. With a security pedigree established though protecting against targeted attacks, and a sophisticated management platform that simplifies deployment, through-life management and configuration.

Paradox for Thin Clients:

Brings high-assurance security standards to Thin Client deployments

Supports a range of hardware

Self-healing functionality - no more device visits for re-build!

Paradox, a security-focused ‘cloud client’ operating system that incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture, enabling organisations to ensure devices remain in a known healthy state, free of malware. As a lightweight, cost-effective operating system, it has security and privacy features built into the service architecture allowing organisations to stay in full control of applications and data. Paradox health measurement means that if the device is tampered with the operating system automatically rolls back to a known healthy state, avoiding costly repair.

Why use Paradox for Thin Client

Designed in collaboration with UK Government

Deployed within enterprise environments across Public and Private sector

Transparent patch and security management reduces cost of ownership

Fully configurable software environment and user experience.

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