As organisations have an increasing number of “cloud native” user populations, end user devices are becoming little more than a platform to launch a browser. Yet the combination of feature-laden operating systems and client applications results in software complexity that ensures end user devices remain the target of compromise for most cyber-attacks.

Enter Paradox. The security focused operating system for cloud access that incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture.

Designed and accredited in collaboration with UK Government:

'Cloud client' architecture optimized for secure access to online application.

Significantly cheaper and easier to manage than alternative solutions.

Simplified breach detection and recovery.

Automated security and patch management.

Through a combination of secure boot, cryptographic checks of authorised applications and remote attestation, organisations are assured that devices running the Paradox operating system are in a known healthy state, free of malware, every time a device is started.

Paradox can be consumed as a 'device as a service' with a cloud-based management infrastructure through our Paradox Edge offering.

Paradox can form the basis of a device identity management platform for secure collaboration with our Paradox Link solution.

Download the Paradox datasheet to find out more.


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Kiosk software needs to be very easy to use and manage, but increasingly must also be secure. For most kiosk deployments, running a full blown operating system creates unnecessary overhead and risk, and many kiosk management platforms don't offer the security functionality required of today's end point management platforms.