Paradox Edge is an end-user 'device as a service' platform. Optimised for accessing cloud services, Paradox Edge extends the value of cloud adoption across the enterprise.

Based on Paradox, the security-focused ‘cloud client’ operating system, the Paradox Edge managed service allows you to focus on your business and day-to-day operations.

Why Choose Paradox Edge?

Many organisations wish to remove the overhead of managing end user devices, allowing resources instead to be applied to core business activities. Yet the ongoing prevalence of device related cyber incidents, continues to drive an increase in resources assigned to vulnerability and patch management, intrusion and anomaly detection, and remediation.

Becrypt has worked with its customers moving to cloud to develop a managed end user 'device as a service' offering, leveraging a secure cloud client end user device platform.

The service’s simplicity is made possible as end user devices in cloud environments become little more than a platform to launch a browser, allowing the cost, scalability and security benefits of cloud infrastructures and services to be extended to corporate IT infrastructures.

Deploy a secure, managed and scalable end user device infrastructure in minutes

Reduce software complexity with ‘cloud client’ computing

Device agnostic: use new or re-purpose old hardware

Secure by design for peace of mind

Simplified Management

Select a preferred cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or private), deploy cloud client devices, and then manage users through an intuitive web management console. Select a range of comprehensive support options from Becrypt or certified partners, providing end-to-end cloud-to-device expert support.


From agile start-ups, to enterprise environments, use-cases range from workplace mobility, to kiosks deployments – from office productivity to bespoke business apps. Support diverse hardware devices including desktops, laptops, thin-clients, tablets and even bootable thumb-drives.


The integrated ‘cloud client’ model removes the need for 3rd party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls reducing costs and complexity and simplifying automated patch management.

Case Study - East West Railways

East West Railway adopted Paradox Edge to grow a cloud-focused environment including Office 365 and Salesforce access. EWR have benefited from a fast, scalable EUD environment with integrated security and patch management resulting in minimal internal IT resource overhead.

Service Features:

Secure, managed and scalable end user device infrastructure

Rapid deployment for access to O365, VDI, online apps….

Reduced software complexity with ‘cloud client’ computing and integrated security

Device agnostic, allows re-purposing existing hardware

Becrypt's Paradox Edge allows organisations and partners to leverage a cloud-based management platform for rapid delivery of end user device as a service

Request the Paradox Edge datasheet to find out more.