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Grace Carter, Marketing Team


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On Wednesday 20th September in London, NCSC hosted a Technology Event with the High Assurance UK (HAUK)Trade Association. The interactive, lively and thought provoking sessions tackled challenges facing product and service assurance in today's dynamic, interconnected and complex environments, which proved a valuable experience for all.

After scene setting by Dr Paul Thorlby (QinetiQ) and Jacqui Chard (NCSC), Mike St John Green presided as judge for a mock Court of Enquiry, initially centred on autonomous vehicle safety. The setting was designed to illuminate the issues and opportunities that the UK's High Assurance sector faces, and the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration. A variety of 'expert witnesses' from across Government, industry and academia were called to give evidence through three acts, which helped the audience to build a picture of the challenges and offer the judge their views to assist his findings and summing up. The event received broad sector representations including law, insurance, government regulators, vendors, academia and consumers.

Dr Bernard Parsons, Becrypt CEO and HAUK Chairman, commented, "the effort applied to organising this event in terms of content, format and participants has been extremely valuable. The event has progressed conversations that are of significance to vendors, regulators and consumers related to the assurance of evolving and complex environments. We look forward to sharing more details on the sessions' outputs".

About HAUK

High Assurance UK Cyber Industry Association (HAUK-CIA) is an unincorporated trade association representing a cross-section of product, system and service solution providers of High Assurance. The association focus is Cyber Security capability that aims to be credible in a dynamic threat environment.

HAUK intends to build upon relationships and experience developed by member companies to support a uniquely collaborative environment, bringing industry and government stakeholders together to address common goals. The association's interests span:

Market: Exploring market implications of initiatives that seek to improve availability of security solutions

Technology: Sharing new ideas and good practice around 'assurable technology'

Research: Encouraging a more strategic approach to investment in future research & IPR generation for national benefit.

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