Device Identity Management

Dominick Hume, Head of Product and Technical Services


Becrypt recently collaborated with Computer Weekly with the creation of a special report on the growing importance of device identity management. The full report can be accessed from this link.

Here is a brief extract:

IT security is fundamental to the success of digital transformation, but as organisations embrace trends such as cloud, mobile and the internet of things (IoT), the challenge to ensure users and their devices are authenticated is only becoming greater.

With more employees using diverse devices, and the need to work with people and organisations outside the traditional company perimeter, the requirement for device identity management is growing.

“In a distributed environment, with lots of participants with mobile devices, organisations need device authentication. You can’t just authenticate the user – user authentication and device authentication are intrinsically linked,” says Felix Gaehtgens, research director at analyst Gartner.

As IoT devices proliferate – which may not have human users at all – IT leaders face a whole new set of security considerations.

“You can’t protect what you don’t know. The impact of IoT and mobility means organisations need to focus on unified access management for users and devices,” says Gaehtgens.

Please download and let us know your thoughts.


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