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Caring Homes achieves peace of mind with Becrypt's Data Protection Suite


Caring Homes is an independent quality accredited care home group that employs over 6000 people across 180 locations in the United Kingdom. They offer a range of care services from nursing & residential living to specialist care for dementia and other conditions. Since its inception in 1994, quality service has been a major focus of the organisation which has been achieved through a robust approach to clinical governance and safeguarding. As part of its commitment to provide quality services, they provide a remote working policy across their 180 locations.


Caring Homes provides managerial staff with a selection of Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices to keep up with the demands of their mobile working requirements. The organisation needed to ensure that all mobile devices were encrypted for data security and their obligations to adhere to various compliance and governance frameworks including the National Health Services (NHS) Toolkit 14.1 and the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). The NHS Toolkit enables health and social care organisations to assess themselves against best-practice information governance policies and standards while the EU GDPR intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union.

Stuart Graham, IT Network & Infrastructure Engineer at Caring Homes Group explained, “Flexible working practices can present serious risks if our staff were to leave their laptops on the train or lose a memory stick. Data leakage, viruses, and ransomware are major threats to us so we had to make sure that our organisation’s IT data assets were secured correctly and manageable. Also, companies in our industry that deal with the NHS have to comply with the NHS Toolkit 14.1 and the GDPR so we had a good business case to invest in a data protection solution.”

The Solution

Caring Homes’ IT department examined their existing infrastructure and did a thorough review of the marketplace for an effective Data Protection Solution (DPS). They went out to tender for a DPS and trialled a few popular products on the market. “We tested one leading product but experienced issues in regards to the authentication process – the single sign-on and passwords failed to synchronise properly. With the second product we trialled, we had problems when running Windows 10 updates as it was breaking the encryption platform,” explained Graham.

After unsatisfactory product trials, Caring Homes contacted value-added reseller, Core to Cloud who specialise in helping organisations to discover, defend and respond to the latest security threats while ensuring compliance. According to James Cunningham, Sales Director at Core to Cloud, “Based on Caring Homes’ existing IT environment and their data protection requirements, we recommended Becrypt. We were confident that the software would integrate correctly with their existing systems and help to protect their organisation from potential data loss.”

Based on Core to Cloud’s recommendation and their own market research, Caring Homes decided to roll out Becrypt’s full disk encryption (Disk Protect), port control (Connect Protect) and removable media encryption (mShare). This enabled a remote deployment and ongoing management from a central location. In just over 4 months, Caring Homes deployed 150 out of 200 devices and have had only a few instances where they’ve had to do an emergency recovery. They plan to increase this over subsequent months using the central management capabilities provided by Becrypt Enterprise Manager.

Graham said, “The deployment has gone really smoothly which we weren’t expecting due to our poor experience with other products. Core to Cloud have been very helpful throughout the engagement. They recognise the challenges relating to the GDPR which is refreshing. They understand what solutions are required in order to achieve compliance, which put them in a very credible position to recommend solutions. Their technical support has been second to none too – they’re responsive, helpful and gave us answers to our headaches.”

Becrypt’s solution now protects Caring Homes’ sensitive data from a full range of typical security risks such as USB theft and portable hot spots, and minimizes the probability of compromise by nextgeneration threats like CryptoLocker ransomware.

According to Graham, “We chose Becrypt because we wanted the option to expand on encryption down the track, it seemed easy enough to deploy and the management console looked simple to operate. Price was also an important factor for us as our budget has been squeezed as a result of the impending GDPR. We needed a competitively priced product too.”


The Becrypt data protection solution plays a significant part in Caring Homes IT environment for information security, governance and compliance. Caring Homes is now assured that they have data confidentiality through disk and device protection to meet data security regulations. “We’re protected against reputational damage and potential fines which are going to be momentous once the GDPR is in force. That’s really important for someone like me who oversees the IT function. I sleep well at night knowing our staff have got encrypted laptops and that peace of mind alone, makes me feel very happy we’ve deployed Becrypt’s data protection solution,” said Graham.

For transparent protection for both data at rest and in transit, view our data protection suite here.

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