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Secure Remote Working Webinar

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In this webinar, our VP of Products and Services - Dom Hume shares experiences from our customer base, of enhancing business continuity through cost effective remote working.

Extending employee remote working can be an effective way for businesses to increase resilience and develop new ways of working. But cost, time and complexity can be perceived as barriers. For many organisations, recent events have removed corporate inertia, and accelerated focus on cloud and more flexible ways of working.

Drawing on the lessons of the NCSC Cloud Client project - a precursor to Zero Trust Network Architectures, we outline how customers are embracing new ways of working whilst simultaneously increasing IT security.

Our brief webinar discusses

  • The benefits of cloud-native architectures;
  • Common themes delivering successful secure and flexible remote working; and,
  • The role of emerging technologies and standards for user and device identity management.

Becrypt are helping organisations increase employee productivity and enable new ways of working, while maintaining compliance. Click on the link above to view the webinar.

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