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Paradox v 2.4 Release


Becrypt is pleased to announce further product enhancements available with Paradox v2.4. Continuing to build on the security, resilience and ease of deployment of the Paradox family.

New product configuration 'Paradox L' provides support for even lower-specification devices

Cost effectively scaling Paradox deployments using elastic cloud for system updates.

Zero Touch deployment for large-scale un-attended installs

Support for Microsoft Conditional Access Control

Paradox L

The new product configuration referred to as 'Paradox L' provides support for even lower-specification computing devices. Ideal for organisations looking to 'sweat' existing assets, such as ageing and low-specification thin clients. Paradox L delivers the high-performance and interactive demands required of today's users, with a desktop environment optimised for low-specification devices. With the Paradox OS active in read-only mode, it provides the ideal platform for ageing flash-memory based systems, ensuring reduced disk operations extend device lifetime.

Scaling updates with elastic cloud

You can now scale your Paradox deployments without scaling up your management infrastructure by leveraging elastic cloud native storage mechanisms to distribute large operating system and application updates. Paradox system updates can now be set for automatic download from secure AWS S3 storage. Using Becrypt Enterprise Manager, organisations can easily configure their environments to ensure system and application updates are seamlessly deployed to large-scale distributed device estates with increased speed and resilience, while maintaining the complete user transparency of the Paradox update process.

Zero Touch Installation

Paradox 2.4 introduces functionality that makes it even easier to configure and manage 'Zero Touch' Paradox deployments, allowing large-scale Paradox installations with either zero or minimal user interaction. Removing the need for IT teams to build and configure standard network deployment tools, Paradox 2.4 supports dedicated Paradox deployment servers that simplify the secure, transparent and automated deployment of Paradox to new or re-purposed endpoints.

Microsoft Conditional Access Control

Device Health and Device Identity Management are central to 'Zero Trust' network architectures, and core features of the Paradox OS, providing organisations complete confidence that devices have not been compromised by malware when accessing protected services. Paradox 2.4 integrates device identity management with Microsoft Conditional Access Control, allowing organisations to control access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure based resources.

As we continue to enhance Paradox functionality, we welcome new feature requests from our Paradox customers. If you are new to Paradox and would like to find out more, click here or contact us on 0845 8382080.

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