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Becrypt continues enthusiastic support of the NCSC’s CyberFirst programme

Becrypt is a supporter of the National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC) CyberFirst programme, which aims to improve the UK’s cyber industry by creating opportunities for talented young people to enter the field.

The scheme aims to create a positive image of the cyber security industry, encouraging students ranging from secondary school to university to begin their journey to becoming the nation’s next generation of security experts.

As a member of the programme, Becrypt provides support, training and work experience opportunities for students.

Bernard Parsons, Co-founder and CEO of Becrypt, comments: “It is vital for our national security that we have our own sovereign capability in cyber defences. I believe the security industry has a duty to help cultivate our home-grown talent into future industry leaders and innovators, and we are proud to continue to do our part with the CyberFirst scheme.

“As well as nurturing young minds, the government and industry must also work together to help graduates translate their research and pioneering ideas into successful businesses that will continue our proud history of innovation.”

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