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Becrypt renews NCSC CPA Certification

Becrypt maintains Commercial Product Assurance certification for Disk Protect

The National Cyber Security Centre has renewed its certification for Becrypt Disk Protect under the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) scheme. Disk Protect is the only software-based full-disk encryption product to achieve CPA certification, and renewal ensures Becrypt’s customers continue to remain confident that their systems and data are protected by independently validated technology, demonstrating industry best practice for regulatory compliance.

To achieve certification, Becrypt had to demonstrate a comprehensive range of security characteristics and processes, these include the cryptographic checks covered by FIPS 140-2, as well as architectural, design and build requirements.

Dom Hume, Head of Product at Becrypt commented: “We are delighted that Disk Protect has been awarded the NCSC’s CPA certification for the third time, maintaining its unique position as the only software-based full-disk encryption product to have achieved this.

“The CPA scheme not only provides Becrypt’s customers with the confidence that Disk Protect is a high-quality encryption solution, but also that the Becrypt development and build processes demonstrate good commercial security practice. Becrypt has a reputation for quality and assurance which we are proud of and work hard to maintain.”

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