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Facing that constant upgrade challenge?

As Win 7 hits end of extended support, many organisations have faced the latest episode of an ongoing upgrade saga. Upgrading existing devices to the latest operating system can prove a challenge for many businesses, particularly where aging endpoints do not meet the minimum recommended hardware specification. Fortunately there are easy and cost effective alternatives.

Once cyber criminals begin to exploit un-patchable vulnerabilities in unsupported operating systems, such as Win 7, its unlikely to be long before a new WannaCry style virus is released into the wild with potentially crippling consequences.

System "end of life" is providing many organisations with a choice between an expensive upgrade of both endpoint hardware and software, or exploring an alternative platform. Most of us interact with a range of technology platforms every day, from consumer smartphones to Smart TVs. Presenting a new environment such as a browser-based platform to replace a legacy desktop is not as alien a concept as it would once have been. Where organisations are migrating data to the cloud, or switching to virtualised desktop and web delivered environments, the endpoint effectively becomes a platform to deliver a browser, meaning a familiar interface such as chrome, provides all the client functionality needed.


In collaboration with UK Government Becrypt have developed Paradox, a cost effective, browser-based desktop environment that can be deployed to transform existing devices, such as Windows 7 PCs and laptops, into easy to use endpoints. Paradox is highly resistant to even targeted cyber-attacks, using unique device health measurement; it significantly reduces the cost of ownership by automating application and OS patching leaving the organisation’s IT team confident in delivering up-time and service levels.

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