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Zero Trust Principles by NCSC Registration

An interactive event to explore current and previous work by NCSC to define appropriate principles for Zero Trust Networks.

Speakers Include: Stuart H, Security Architect, National Cyber Security Centre; Bernard Parsons, CEO, Becrypt

Hosted by TechUK, 10.00 am TUESDAY 24th MARCH 2020, London

TechUK Members Book Here. Event also open to non-members.

Network architecture is changing. More services are moving to the cloud, there is a surge in the use of Software as a Service, and users are embracing flexible working on multiple devices in a variety of locations. The traditional network perimeter is disappearing and with it, the value of traditional defences.

In a zero trust architecture, inherent trust is removed from the network. Just because you're connected to a network doesn't mean you should be able to access everything on that network. This is commonly seen in breaches; an attacker gains a foothold in a network and is able to move laterally because everything on the network is trusted. In a zero trust architecture, the network is treated as hostile.

However, in order to remove trust from the network, you need to instead gain confidence in the authentication, verification and authorization of users and services. This is achieved by building trust into the user's identity, their devices, and the services they access.

Join us to explore NCSC's work on Zero Trust principles.