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The ‘Device as a Service’ model (DaaS) for consuming end user devices, including their supply, support and life-cycle management has gained popularity over recent years, delivering on the promise of allowing organisations to focus their precious IT resource on core business activities. DaaS uptake has increased in many sectors in parallel with organisations increasing their general use of cloud-based services. But for some of the more security-focused organisations, incorporating the DaaS model within their risk management processes can be a challenge. Effectively outsourcing the management of end user devices does not of course outsource any regulatory obligations or liabilities an organisation has, whether relating to the privacy of data, or the availability and integrity of essential systems.

In this webinar, our Head of Products and Services - Dom Hume, describes how technology originally developed in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre, is being used to reduce endpoint IT costs by some of our most security-conscious customers.

  • The benefits and hidden risks of the Device as a Service Model;
  • How maturing endpoint and cloud security can significantly minimise risk; and,
  • An overview of a customer journey to Secure DaaS adoption.

Access online webinar recording here