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Layering endpoint protection for ATT&CK

Are your endpoints vulnerable to commodity ransomware?

They don't need to be.

Access our webinar for an in-depth explanation of how an endpoint security platform developed in collaboration with UK Government is protecting parts of the critical national infrastructure from ransomware and other endpoint related threats.

Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework*, the webinar will describe how the security architecture of the Paradox operating system provides multiple layers of protection against commodity malware, as well as defending against elevated threat and targeted attacks.

Paradox was developed through government-funded research to address the shortcomings of traditional approaches to anomaly and signature-based malware detection. Initially deployed within government classified networks, today Paradox is used across the critical national infrastructure for secure access to cloud services.

Join Becrypt CEO Dr. Bernard Parsons, and Chief Architect Harshad Toke, for a step by step explanation of the Paradox security architecture and its benefits in enterprise environments.

Access the webinar here

*© 2015-2021, The MITRE Corporation. MITRE ATT&CK and ATT&CK are registered trademarks of The MITRE Corporation.

"© 2021 The MITRE Corporation. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of The MITRE Corporation."

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