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High Assurance solutions for elevated threat environments

Our government-accredited endpoint security, cross domain technology and sovereign cloud services, help protect the critical national infrastructure from elevated cyber threat.

High Assurance Solutions for Desktops, Laptops and Thin Clients

Ultra Secure Endpoints

Advanced mobile solution with cross domain technology

Mobile & Cross Domain

Public and Private cloud hosting services, from device management to rich collaboration

Sovereign Cloud Services

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Traditional approaches to endpoint detection are broken, leading to a never-ending investment in malware detection, repeated system compromise and high cost of ownership.

Secure Desktop

High Assurance platform for Desktops, Laptops & Thin Clients, simplifying endpoint protection in elevated threat environments.

Desktop as a Service

Our Secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering allows organisations to consume endpoints as a service, incorporating through-life patch, policy and application management.


Secure Mobility

Standard commercial mobile solutions are subject to commodity attack. Becrypt provide government accredited mobility and cross domain solutions for elevated threat environments.

Secure Mobility

Secure mobile architectures based on government-backed research and development.

Cross Domain Solutions

Becrypt have partnered with UK Government for the development of Next Generation Cross Domain Solutions.


Managed Services

Becrypt offer a range of managed services from Secure Device as a Service (DaaS) to Sovereign Cloud.

Device as a Service

Simplify and outsource endpoint management with Secure Device as a Service

Sovereign Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of flexible and secure cloud services with UK Sovereign hosting


Secure Endpoint

Paradox uniquely measure all endpoint firmware, operating system and application health for High Assurance Zero Trust Architectures.

Mobile & Cross Domain

MDM+ is the only MDM solution compatible with High Assurance Cross Domain Solutions, protecting mobile infrastructure against elevated threat

Sovereign Cloud

Becrypt Cloud-S sovereign cloud for secure 3rd party collaboration. Productivity, Collaboration and Project Management, with extensible IaaS.

Ultra Secure Endpoints

For endpoint devices you can't afford to have compromised. Becrypt provide a UK Government accredited secure endpoint platform for protection against elevated and sustained cyber threat.

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We provide endpoint protection products and services that help organisations focus on their core business activities. Using government-accredited security platforms and standards, we help our customers safely and rapidly deploy mobile and end user devices to access cloud services, driving greater business flexibility, agility and productivity.

From a background in High Assurance, we protect elevated threat environments against targeted attacks, and reduce the costs of security monitoring and management. We specialise in providing security teams a better night's sleep, ensuring users have more time to do their work with a greater user experience, while minimising the cost and complexity of endpoint device management. We remain a trusted partner through the technology lifecycle: from architectural and security consultancy, to delivery and ongoing service support.

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Device as a Service

We help organisations and their partners securely consume devices as a service, simplifying compliance, reducing costs and freeing organisational resources to focus on core business activities.

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Paradox Edge is a Device as a Service (DaaS) platform that allows organisations to consume endpoint devices as a managed service from Public or Private Cloud. Paradox Edge can significantly reduce the risks and costs of endpoint management, and allow an organisations resources to focus on core business services.

With an appropriate set of policies and procedures, Paradox Edge can simplify compliance against standards such as Cyber Essentials+ , Def Stan 05-138, and ISO 27001. Paradox Edge has been accredited for use at Official Sensitive within Government and critical National Infrastructure organisations, and may be accredited above Official with the appropriate integration of High Assurance components, and support by cleared staff.

When integrated with Paradox Federated Device Identity Management, Paradox Edge ensures 3rd party suppliers remain secure and compliant when accessing shared services.

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Secure Collaboration

We help security conscious organisations communicate and collaborate with partners and suppliers using secure workspace environments. Secure Public or Private Cloud Services provide a range of productivity and collaboration tools, with extensible SaaS, IaaS and PaaS offerings.

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Becrypt's Cloud S and Everything 365™ services provide trusted workspaces for cloud-based collaboration. Using technology and standards developed in collaboration with UK Government, Everything 365™ is a configurable set of Public cloud-hosted managed services supporting secure document collaboration, project management, messaging, voice and video communications. Becrypt Cloud S employs sovereign Private Cloud infrastructure for government and critical national infrastructure (CNI) high-assurance services.

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Secure Mobile

Secure mobile architectures are designed to protect mobile phones or tablets against the most capable adversaries - such as hostile nation states, for the purposes of critical national infrastructure attack, espionage or intellectual property theft, typically when used outside of secure facilities and connecting over public networks.

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Key Principles:

  • Mitigate against a successful attack, using defence in depth style protections to ensure that an entire network is not compromised if an attack is successful;
  • Ensure architectures and processes allow rapid detection of compromise;
  • Ensure ability to exists to rapidly recover from attacks.

Becrypt secure mobility solutions ensure device communications are fully inspected for malicious content, provide unique support for isolation gateways and ensure cryptographic validation of traffic to avoid spoofing;

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"With increasing security and compliance requirements on our business from industry and government legislation, the need to secure our mobile assets became a primary concern. Choosing Becrypt gave us the confidence of a product whose security claims were independently verified by the UK National Cyber Security Centre. Securing mobile assets using enterprise grade encryption and the option of multiple factor authentication was key to our decision making."

MiX Telematics

"Using Becrypt, we are able to provision new users within 5 minutes, previously this would have taken us days. We can also adhere to stringent government security requirements while saving over 20% on our desktop management costs."

East West Railway Company