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Becrypt launches tVolution, ultra secure, ultra thin virtualized environment at RSA Conference USA

Leading cyber security vendor announces secure replacement operating system for virtualized desktops providing secure and low cost VDI

RSA Conference, February 27 to March 3, Moscone Center, San Francisco
Booth #442

McLean, VA, 27 February, 2012 - Becrypt, supplier of innovative cyber security solutions today announces another industry first with the launch of its tVolution, ultra secure virtual desktop offering. For organizations looking to implement a virtualization strategy, tVolution provides a highly secure, yet low cost way to manage a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). tVolution is an alternative operating system which is hardware agnostic and can run on existing desktop machines or thin client devices, without the need for a traditional Windows operating system. tVolution is configured centrally to contain all security settings and required business applications including VPN components, and VDI clients such as VMWare, Citrix, Quest, traditional Terminal Services and web based access.

Joshua Wolfe, Vice President of Sales at Becrypt Inc. said; "tVolution is a new operating system, designed from the start with the virtual environment in mind. It gives organizations a way to securely provide and manage access to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment, without needing to commit to new hardware or specific hardware vendors. This means that the costs associated with running a PC estate, typically the licensing and technology stack, security patches and the overhead of maintaining such devices, are significantly reduced, providing a clear return on investment. Organizations may even be able to delay costly refresh programs by utilizing tVolution with repurposed equipment."

tVolution boots directly from the server via a network interface that is independent of the host machines̢۪ hard drives, optical media or removable storage media, which means that it can be a disk-less device. tVolution runs only the applications that are needed for business at the end point. This lowers support overhead, improves access times and lowers the total cost of ownership. Administrators can customize the set up of tVolution centrally, specifying which applications are loaded and how they are configured, allowing control of the end user experience. Once they have finished working the user simply shuts down the workstation and no user information is left on the device, aided via Becrypt̢۪s patent pending RAM scrubbing technology. tVolution can be used to turn a traditional desktop into a thin client, where the security of the desktop is fully managed, and optional full disk encryption can be used to secure all data held on the device for secure deployment in vulnerable or risky locations.

tVolution supports smart card authentication including US DoD CAC, meeting FIPS-201 requirements, enabling employees of federal agencies to work from home as outlined in the Telework Enhancement Act. tVolution also supports US Defense Connect Online.

Becrypt tVolution can be seen at RSA Conference USA, 27 February to 3 March, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Booth #442


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